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Zions Direct Unveils New Website

The website of online investment broker-dealer, Zions Direct, recently underwent a major facelift. The simpler, more user-friendly design officially launched on Wednesday, April 15, 2015.

Here is an overview of the navigation and functionality of the new site:

New Website
Screen shot of new Zions Direct website as of April 15, 2015. Read More

100 Commission-Free Trades from Zions Direct

Qualifying customers of Zions Direct can now get 100 commission-free trades for 12 months. That includes online purchases of stocks, bonds and CDs. For details visit

  Read More

5 Most-Watched Videos of 2014

In 2014 at Zions Direct TV we continued to publish original, financial education videos at a steady clip, surpassing 600 total videos posted with over 6 million views. We launched a collection of videos from the Finovate Conference held in April and September of 2014, spotlighting over 75 financial technology startups, as well as a captivating discussion from the Clayton Christensen Institute about the influence of disruptive innovations across a range of industries. Please take a few minutes to browse these videos and more at Read More

Charity Auctions with Scott Anderson and David Hemingway

Learn how Zions Direct and Zions Bank are partnering to promote the shared initiatives of charity and service through Charity Auctions, which allow individuals and institutions to purchase FDIC-insured CDs while benefiting a charity of their choice. Read More

Zions Direct Offering 100 Commission-Free Online Trades per Year

One of the benefits of Zions Direct’s online securities auction platform is that self-directed investors can bid for and purchase securities commission-free.  Now this advantage has been extended to other trading activity. Zions Direct recently made changes to its commission … Read More

Zions Direct Enables Donations Totaling More than $100,000 to Nonprofits

This August marks the second anniversary of Zions Direct Charity Auctions. Since 2012, 50 Charity Auctions have been conducted, resulting in total donations of more than $100,000 to nonprofit organizations selected by auction winners. Donations are made by Zions Bank through Network for Good, a donor-advised fund. Read More

Zions Bank® Corporate Trust Offers Ownership Recordkeeping to Privately-Owned Companies

Time is a precious commodity for any business and those that manage their own shareholder records know that it can be an arduous task. Accurately documenting shareholder activity, such as changes of ownership, can take days, as can issuing disbursements or dividends to owners and conducting tax reporting for such payments. Read More

ZIONSFX™ Adds Fourth Rate Provider

ZIONSFX™, a department of Zions Bank that provides business customers with an online wholesale foreign currency bill payment system, recently added a new rate provider. Until recently, the multi-dealer system received exchange rates from three providers from which customers would receive the best real-time rate on their foreign currency transactions. Read More

New Changes to the Zions Direct BondStore

Zions Direct customers who have visited the online BondStore recently may have noticed some changes to its look, feel, and functionality. On Monday, March 3rd, the service provider launched a new BondStore system, the BondWorks™ Wealth Management Platform, replacing the previous BondDesk system. While the BondStore is still accessed the same way, customers familiar with the earlier platform may notice changes beyond the new look. Read More

Zions Bank in the Community

Zions Bank believes in making communities better by adhering to one of its guiding principles: to create value. Zions Bank strives to be a part of a culture where giving to others is second nature and appreciation abounds. Read More

Zions Direct Completes $23.5 Million Senior Note Auction for UCBI

In a Zions Direct online securities auction that closed Wednesday, August 7, United Community Banks, Inc. (UCBI) sold $23,513,000 of five-year senior notes. The 60 winning bidders received the corporate bonds for a final market-clearing yield of 6.00%. This auction is the first for which the Zions Direct auction platform has been used to facilitate the selling of a third-party primary corporate bond issue. Read More

From our desk to yours: Trending topics among Zions Direct investors

This piece is intended to answer some of the more reoccurring questions my colleagues and I have heard over the previous month. During May, we had calls about both dollar-cost averaging and stock splits. Read More

From our desk to yours: Trending topics among Zions Direct investors

This piece is intended to answer some of the more reoccurring questions my colleagues and I have heard over the previous month. In April, we had concerns regarding how interest rates affect the trading price of a preferred stock and also the difference between managed funds and index funds. Read More

Build Your Portfolio and Your Community Through Zions Direct Charity Auctions

When looking for ways to get involved in your community, your brokerage firm might not be the first place you turn. However, by using Zions Direct Charity Auctions you can bolster philanthropic efforts by simply investing. How does it work? Read More