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Things to Know about Social Security at 80: Overhaul Time?

Social Security turns 80 on Friday, and the massive retirement and disability program is showing its age.

Social Security’s disability fund is projected to run dry next year. The retirement fund has enough money to pay full benefits until 2035. But once the fund is depleted, the shortfalls are projected to be enormous. Read More

5 Things from Annual Check-Up for Social Security, Medicare

Looking at the big picture, the financial health of Social Security and Medicare doesn’t appear to have worsened.

Wednesday’s annual check-up found that Social Security’s retirement trust fund has enough money to pay full benefits until 2035, a year later than previously projected. Read More

Couples Aren’t Talking Enough about Retirement Plans

retirement couple.roberto trombetta

Couples are worrying more about their retirement savings. Maybe they should start by figuring out how much they have saved in the first place.

When asked how much in savings they collectively have, or how much their partner makes in income, many couples get the answer to basic questions wrong, according to a survey for Fidelity Investments. Read More

The Invaluable Information in Your Social Security Benefit Statement

The Social Security Administration likes celebrating your birthday. Well, every five years anyway. This is how often you could be receiving Your Social Security Statement, a document that in the past you may have accidentally tossed in the recycling bin. Last month I studied my statement more closely and have found it to be an invaluable financial planning resource for me and my family. Here’s a breakdown of each section and contents which you may also find helpful. Read More

For Beginners: Retirement Accounts That Can Help You Save

Whether you’ve been working for years or are new to the work force, it’s never too early to start planning for retirement. Will you have the money you need? Establishing a retirement account may help you answer: Yes! A retirement account can help you save and prepare for your financial future so you have enough money when you’re ready to retire. Here are some of the most common retirement accounts. Read More

3 Mistakes You Might Be Making with Your IRA

Are you contributing? Have you designated a beneficiary? Did you inherit an IRA? Bruce Snow, Investment Representative with Zions Direct, outlines three of the common mistakes he sees people make with their individual retirement accounts. Read More

Medical Expenses: Finding Your Way with a Patient Navigator

A medical emergency leaves you with tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid hospital bills. Your health insurance company rejects coverage for an important medical test. An unexpected diagnosis requires you to find three new medical specialists.

In today’s health care system, consumers are increasingly on their own when these complex — and often costly — medical problems arise. Primary care doctors once helped patients manage such situations, but many physicians now have 15 minutes or less for each appointment. It’s in this high-pressure environment that a new industry of patient advocates — sometimes called patient navigators — has emerged, offering to help guide patients through knotty health situations. Read More

Can We Count on Social Security?

Social Security scrabble.Got Credit. creative commons 2.0

Social Security can be a sensitive subject. Many are deciding what role it will play in their retirement plan, while others wonder if they will receive any social security at all. Eric Jacobsmeyer is a Senior Wealth Strategist with Zions Trust and is here to help us understand more about social security and what we can expect from it, now and in the future. Eric holds a Certified Financial Planner designation and is also a Certified Public Accountant.
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When Can My Spouse Collect Social Security Benefits?

Old Retired Couple.Francisco Osorlo.creative commons

Social Security retirement benefits have many important facets that need to be understood before making your retirement plan. One of these features is spousal benefits. Maria Recto, Vice President Wealth Advisor from Zions Wealth Advisors, gives us some guidance on how spousal benefits work and points out a couple of aspects you may want to think about when considering how it will affect your bottom line. Read More

The Not-So-Secret Ingredient to Boise Fry Co.’s Success

Boise Fry Company’s mantra is “natural, local, and whenever feasible, organic products”. With their signature fries, this is certainly the case. Learn more about the not-so-great lengths that this truly Idahoan Company went to procure their potatoes.
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Ways to Prepare for Possible Long-Term Care Costs

Many of us hold on to an idyllic vision of our golden years, imagining we’ll be in good health and living self-sufficiently in our own home.

But that scenario is likely to get dashed. On average, nearly 70 percent of 65 year-olds will eventually need some form of long-term care, according to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. And HHS estimates that 20 percent will need it for more than five years. Read More

Not So Golden: Wealth gap lasting into retirement

William Kistler views retirement like someone tied to the tracks and watching a train coming. It’s looming and threatening, but there’s little he can do. Read More

Social Security Closes Offices as Demand Soars

The Social Security Administration has been closing a record number of field offices because of budget constraints even as the demand for services soars, according to a congressional report being released on Wednesday. As a result, seniors seeking information and help from the agency are facing increasingly long waits, in person and on the phone, the report said. Read More

A Guide Through the Complexities of 401(k) Fees

Where to find the fees charged by your 401(k) retirement funds? “Sorry to say there isn’t an easy answer to where to find all expenses on retirement accounts, which is definitely part of the problem,” says Jennifer Erickson, co-author of a new study of 401(k) fees by the Center for American Progress. Your quarterly statement may not show all the fees and “can be even more confusing,” Erickson says.
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Despite AOL News, 401(k) Matches Are Not Changing

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong announced last week that instead of contributing to an employee’s retirement each paycheck, the company would give a lump sum payment at the end of the year, a move that could lower costs but potentially hurt employees’ savings. The backlash was immediate, forcing Armstrong to backtrack within days.
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