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How Exposed Are You to the Volatile Chinese Stock Market?

The extreme volatility in China’s stock market is ongoing and about half of the 2,800 companies listed in the country’s mainline index have suspended trading of their shares.

Markets bounced back strongly Thursday after the Shanghai composite lost another 5.9 percent the previous day, meaning a 30 percent decline since peaking June 12. Read More

An Introduction to Option Investing

An option, in simple terms, is the right to buy or sell a set quantity of a particular security, like a stock, for a set price within a specified timeframe. The selling party is known as a writer, and the buying party is the holder who purchases the option for a fee, or premium.

Options essentially fall into two categories: Calls and Puts. Read More

For Beginners: How an Initial Public Offering (IPO) Works

Stock Exchange.Bhupinder NayyarOne method businesses can use to raise additional capital is to issue stock.

But how does stock make its way from the issuing company to investors?

A company first makes its stock available for public purchase through an initial public offering or IPO. For most companies the first step in this process is to employ the assistance of an investment bank. Acting as an underwriter, the investment bank helps the company establish various details of the IPO, including how much money it hopes to raise, the types of securities that will be offered, and the initial price per share. Read More

An Introduction to Option Investing

You’ve probably heard of option investing, but how it works and how options relate to the stock market can be hard to grasp. In this video, we help sort through the confusion by illustrating a simple call option strategy.

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How “Tweeter” Rose 1,800%

Imagine you hear about an initial public offering, or IPO, for a company stock that you think is going to be really hot. Trading starts and you immediately hop in and pick up a big chunk of shares. The stock soars and you are ecstatic that your market prowess has paid off as the price rapidly doubles or even triples in value. But to your horror, you purchased the shares for the wrong stock, and just as you realize this the stock completely tanks. How did this happen? Read More

AP-GfK poll: Americans see end of stock surge

Americans aren’t expecting another bang-up year for the stock market, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll. Of the people polled, 40 percent think the market will stabilize where it is now by the end of 2014, with 39 percent predicting that it will drop, but not crash. Only 14 percent believe the market will rise and 5 percent think it will crash. Read More

Despite surge, many don’t see a stock bubble

Is the stock market due for a pullback? The Dow Jones industrial average has surged 900 points since early October and crossed the 16,000-point threshold Monday, November 18. IPOs are hot again. Small investors, stirred from their post-recession daze, are coming back to stocks. Read More

Today’s shunned stocks may be long-term winners

Buying stocks that are lagging the market may seem like a questionable strategy, but investors willing to hold on for a couple of years can profit, says Ron Sloan a mutual fund manager at Invesco. Read More

Why the stock market is having a chilly August

It’s been a chilly August for the stock market. At the start of the month, the Dow Jones industrial average and Standard & Poor’s 500 index hit all-time highs. Now the market is down 4 percent from its peak, and August is on track to be the Dow’s worst month since May 2012.
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For stocks, a good first half is tough to match

The stock market just had its best first half of the year since 1998. Now what? History suggests stock investors will make more money the second half of the year. Since World War II, a big increase in the first half of a year has almost always been followed by more gains in the second half. Read More

Buying stocks now may be less risky than you think

Is it too late? If you’ve stayed out of stocks recently, you might be worried that you’ve missed your chance to get back in. After all, they must be expensive now that the Dow Jones industrial average has risen 120 percent in four years to a record high. Read More

University: Types of Stocks

Watch this video to learn more about Common stock vs. Preferred stock and the differences you should consider when deciding which stock to add to your portfolio. This educational video is part of Zions Direct University’s Beginner series. Read More

University: Buying and Selling Stocks

Like many securities, there is more than one approach you can take to buying and selling stocks. Find out how these options vary based on your needs. This educational video is part of Zions Direct University’s Beginner series for novice investors. Read More

Surviving Wall Street with the Help of a Game

If you’re holding back from the stock market simply because you don’t know where to begin, here’s a start – Wall Street Survivor. This interactive website allows you to not only experiment with the market on a real-time simulator, but also has learning modules that help you master the basics. Read More

Why are Americans avoiding stocks? Ask a shrink

The headlines say the financial crisis is behind us. The Dow is back to pre-financial crisis levels. Layoffs are the slowest since the financial crisis, and car sales the highest since the financial crisis.

So why are Americans still too scared to get back in the stock market?

Because all they hear is “financial crisis.” Read More