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How Bond Investing Works

IOU. Images Money

Issuing debt securities, or bonds, is just one of the various methods that businesses, municipalities, and other entities can use to raise additional capital. A bond can be thought of as an ‘I owe you’ as the issuer is borrowing your money with the promise of returning it to you at a later date, typically with interest. Read More

Boston Conservatory: Investing in the Performing Arts

Finding rental space for a performing arts college can be very difficult. The Boston Conservatory recently had its long term dreams come true by financing a custom building to become the new home for their students.

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Community Fuels – A Clean Air Story

Community Fuels needed funds to finance its growing business. Zions Bank Public Finance helped this company obtain tax exempt financing to produce more of their biodiesel product.

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How to Build a Bond Ladder

In this video we compare Jim and Jill’s bond portfolios to highlight some advantages of bond ladders, such as their ability to mitigate various types of risk to investors.

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Museum of Flight

The Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington contains over 100 years of flight history on a 12 acre campus. Here you can explore, learn, and tour our country’s past and present aviation accomplishments.

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Warning Signs Are Flashing for Junk-Bond Investors

Junk bonds have been strong investments since the recession, and investors continue to pile into the market. But fund managers say they’re looking less attractive. Many are taking a step back and urging investors at least to temper their expectations. Read More

Las Vegas City Hall

While downtown Las Vegas has been the place to go for the 350,000 visitors coming each weekend, city officials wanted to build a city center, not for tourism, but for its citizens. Read More

Park City Museum

Park City, Utah is home to several world-class ski resorts, the 2002 Olympic Park, and the Sundance Film Festival. Zions Bank Public Finance helped city officials finance a project to preserve the old city hall building on historic Main Street.
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Who Invented the Computer?

Len Shustek, Chairman of the Board of the Computer History Museum, discusses who invented the computer and why you don’t know. Read More

Discovery Gateway

The Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum is a place where kids of all ages can learn about science. Zions Bank Public Finance helped this non-profit museum expand their space within one of Utah’s premier outdoor shopping centers. Read More

University: Agency Bonds

This video discusses the characteristics of agency bonds and the different entities that issue them, as well as the purpose of these bonds and the available avenues to purchase one for your investment portfolio. Read More

What Does FDIC-Insurance Really Cover?

In this video, Darhl Peterson with Zions Direct discusses the FDIC insurance component of CDs, how they are insured, and how a depositor may have limited protection when investing in CDs. Read More

University: General Obligation Bonds

Here we help you understand general obligation bonds by explaining the advantages and disadvantages they hold, including how they are issued as well as what risks are involved. Read More

Floating Rate Notes: An answer to rising rates

News stories and headlines have been abuzz for months speculating about when the Federal Reserve would start to cut back on its bond-buying stimulus program as a result of an improving economic climate and rising interest rates. Read More

Wait, bond funds are posting gains?

What bear market for bonds? A funny thing has happened since investors pulled more than $100 billion from bond mutual funds this summer as they worried that the 30-year run for bonds was coming to an end. Bond funds are no longer losing money, at least not recently. Almost every kind has made money over the last month. Read More