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How Exposed Are You to the Volatile Chinese Stock Market?

The extreme volatility in China’s stock market is ongoing and about half of the 2,800 companies listed in the country’s mainline index have suspended trading of their shares.

Markets bounced back strongly Thursday after the Shanghai composite lost another 5.9 percent the previous day, meaning a 30 percent decline since peaking June 12. Read More

What Are Balanced and Allocation Mutual Funds?



While mutual funds provide investors with a relatively simple way to add variety to their portfolios, there are certain funds that combine the features of the different mutual fund categories to offer even more diversification. Read More

How Bond Investing Works

IOU. Images Money

Issuing debt securities, or bonds, is just one of the various methods that businesses, municipalities, and other entities can use to raise additional capital. A bond can be thought of as an ‘I owe you’ as the issuer is borrowing your money with the promise of returning it to you at a later date, typically with interest. Read More

An Introduction to Option Investing

An option, in simple terms, is the right to buy or sell a set quantity of a particular security, like a stock, for a set price within a specified timeframe. The selling party is known as a writer, and the buying party is the holder who purchases the option for a fee, or premium.

Options essentially fall into two categories: Calls and Puts. Read More

Emerging Markets Investing for Beginners

You’ve probably heard the term before, but do you know what constitutes an emerging market? In this video we explain emerging markets and how to invest in them. Read More

For Beginners: The Importance of Diversifying Your Investments

Diversification.Philip Taylor

The potential risks that are inherent in investing can be intimidating to some. However, there are a couple of practices you can apply that may help reduce your risk exposure.

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What’s a Basis Point?

Basis point is a unit of measure to quote a variety of financial values. After watching this video, you may start feeling and sounding like a Wall Street pro! Read More

Margin Loans: An Alternative to Traditional Loans

In contrast to a traditional loan, a margin loan has many different aspects that can benefit its holder. Essentially, a margin loan allows you to borrow money through your brokerage account against securities you already own.

Investors tend to think margin loans are only taken to leverage an investment portfolio to purchase additional securities, but don’t realize this type of loan can be used to fulfill many other financing needs. Some investors may have sizeable wealth, but their money is tied up in less-liquid holdings such as retirement accounts, a home, or business venture. Read More

For Beginners: How an Initial Public Offering (IPO) Works

Stock Exchange.Bhupinder NayyarOne method businesses can use to raise additional capital is to issue stock.

But how does stock make its way from the issuing company to investors?

A company first makes its stock available for public purchase through an initial public offering or IPO. For most companies the first step in this process is to employ the assistance of an investment bank. Acting as an underwriter, the investment bank helps the company establish various details of the IPO, including how much money it hopes to raise, the types of securities that will be offered, and the initial price per share. Read More

Is It Better to Save or Invest?

Saving vs investing.OTA Photos.creative commons

Almost everyone has a reason to save money. Whether it’s for a specific purchase like a vehicle or home, for retirement, or simply the future in general. There are several options when it comes to deciding where to save your hard-earned money. A savings account at a bank or other financial institution may be the most familiar and perhaps you have one or even several already. Read More

Saving Made Simple: Services That Stash Cash Automatically

Sit back, relax, and save some money. Two mobile services are making it easier to build your savings without giving it much thought. Acorns and Digit automatically transfer small amounts from your checking account to a savings or investment account. … Read More

100 Commission-Free Trades from Zions Direct

Qualifying customers of Zions Direct can now get 100 commission-free trades for 12 months. That includes online purchases of stocks, bonds and CDs. For details visit

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What is an ETF? An Art Collection Analogy

Aren’t exchange traded funds and mutual funds pretty much the same thing? In this video we try to address this question and point out some of the differences with assistance from some artistic friends.

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Boston Conservatory: Investing in the Performing Arts

Finding rental space for a performing arts college can be very difficult. The Boston Conservatory recently had its long term dreams come true by financing a custom building to become the new home for their students.

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Community Fuels – A Clean Air Story

Community Fuels needed funds to finance its growing business. Zions Bank Public Finance helped this company obtain tax exempt financing to produce more of their biodiesel product.

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