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Work Out Like a Warrior – Trainer Zone Fitness

After a wake-up call with his own weight gain, Tom Vidal hired a personal trainer. Now owner of Trainer Zone Fitness in Sandy, Utah, Tom draws on his training as a U.S. Marine to construct unique, challenging, and effective workouts for his clients. Read More

Salt Lake Bees – Speaking on Business

This Triple-A baseball team plays on a field that has been credited as the best view in baseball. Not only can fans enjoy the entertainment of taking in a Bees game, the facilities also serve as a venue for corporate parties and events. Read More

Dancing Moose Montessori – Speaking on Business

Dr. Joyce Sibbett, executive director of Dancing Moose Montessori School, has a deep dedication to creating the perfect atmosphere for children so they can learn with an engaged and active brain. There are two locations with over 60 staff. Read More

Economic Update: Common Core State Standards

One way to improve our students’ knowledge and capabilities is to implement the Common Core State Standards which encourage more effectual learning and help teachers develop students’ abilities to analyze and apply skills to real world problems. Read More

Southwind Farms – Speaking on Business

Thanks to brothers Robert and Jerry Tominaga and Rod Lake, Idaho is gaining a reputation for specialty potatoes known as heirloom fingerlings (narrow finger-shaped potatoes used in gourmet dishes), sold through their company, SouthWind Farms. Read More

Abbington Senior Living Community

The Abbington Senior Living Community in Heber City has been meticulous in figuring out how to best serve their customers. They provide guest visiting rooms, a theater room, hair salon, as well as scheduled transportation and on-call nurses. Read More

How Does the P⁄E Ratio Work?

The Price to Earnings Ratio, or P/E Ratio, is a financial measure that is tossed around a lot in the investment world. How does it work and how useful of a measure is it really? Read More

What Are Balanced and Allocation Mutual Funds?



While mutual funds provide investors with a relatively simple way to add variety to their portfolios, there are certain funds that combine the features of the different mutual fund categories to offer even more diversification. Read More

Economic Update: Cuba and U.S. Relations

Randy Shumway, CEO of Cicero Group and Economic Advisor for Zions Bank, discusses the benefits in opening U.S. / Cuba relations. Improved human rights in Cuba and creation of jobs for both countries are just the beginning. Read More

How Bond Investing Works

IOU. Images Money

Issuing debt securities, or bonds, is just one of the various methods that businesses, municipalities, and other entities can use to raise additional capital. A bond can be thought of as an ‘I owe you’ as the issuer is borrowing your money with the promise of returning it to you at a later date, typically with interest. Read More

Moab’s State of the Art Medical Facility

Moab Utah is home to two national parks. Millions of tourists flock to Moab for outdoor adventures every year. Having quality medical care was essential for this rural community to accommodate not only the small community but also their visitors. Read More

An Introduction to Option Investing

An option, in simple terms, is the right to buy or sell a set quantity of a particular security, like a stock, for a set price within a specified timeframe. The selling party is known as a writer, and the buying party is the holder who purchases the option for a fee, or premium.

Options essentially fall into two categories: Calls and Puts. Read More

Emerging Markets Investing for Beginners

You’ve probably heard the term before, but do you know what constitutes an emerging market? In this video we explain emerging markets and how to invest in them. Read More

Princesses Who Help Fight Cancer

In 2013, Millie Flamm and Persnickety Clothing produced the Millie’s Dress to help others fight childhood cancer. Her legacy, as does the princesses’ who design each new dress every year, lives on in the families supported through this program. Read More

For Beginners: The Importance of Diversifying Your Investments

Diversification.Philip Taylor

The potential risks that are inherent in investing can be intimidating to some. However, there are a couple of practices you can apply that may help reduce your risk exposure.

Read More