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Is It Better to Save or Invest?

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Almost everyone has a reason to save money. Whether it’s for a specific purchase like a vehicle or home, for retirement, or simply the future in general. There are several options when it comes to deciding where to save your hard-earned money. A savings account at a bank or other financial institution may be the most familiar and perhaps you have one or even several already. Read More

Choosing Your Financial Roller Coaster

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Suzie Jones, Executive Vice President of Amegy Investments, an affiliate of Zions Bank, spoke with Jacqueline Davies from Zions Direct on financial rollercoasters. Suzie oversees 80 employees, managing 11 billion dollars. Suzie started with Amegy 17 years ago and was the co-founder of the investment division. Here she dives into financial planning with Jacqueline and how to make investing play a role in that plan. Read More

When Can My Spouse Collect Social Security Benefits?

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Social Security retirement benefits have many important facets that need to be understood before making your retirement plan. One of these features is spousal benefits. Maria Recto, Vice President Wealth Advisor from Zions Wealth Advisors, gives us some guidance on how spousal benefits work and points out a couple of aspects you may want to think about when considering how it will affect your bottom line. Read More

New Changes to the Zions Direct BondStore

Zions Direct customers who have visited the online BondStore recently may have noticed some changes to its look, feel, and functionality. On Monday, March 3rd, the service provider launched a new BondStore system, the BondWorks™ Wealth Management Platform, replacing the previous BondDesk system. While the BondStore is still accessed the same way, customers familiar with the earlier platform may notice changes beyond the new look. Read More

Zions Direct Completes $23.5 Million Senior Note Auction for UCBI

In a Zions Direct online securities auction that closed Wednesday, August 7, United Community Banks, Inc. (UCBI) sold $23,513,000 of five-year senior notes. The 60 winning bidders received the corporate bonds for a final market-clearing yield of 6.00%. This auction is the first for which the Zions Direct auction platform has been used to facilitate the selling of a third-party primary corporate bond issue. Read More

Zions Direct TV Releases Magical Video: Featuring Opportunity Village’s Annual Holiday Exposition

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah; December 14, 2012 — In a video launched this week, Zions Direct TV, a free video-on-demand service provided by Utah-based broker/dealer Zions Direct, highlighted the Magical Forest annual fundraiser for the renowned Las Vegas charity, Opportunity Village. The video can be viewed at Read More

529 College Savings Plan – Part 1

The Utah Educational Savings Plan, or UESP, can help you prepare for the financial stresses of college. Discover how this government-backed 529 college savings plan allows you to begin saving for college early on a tax-deferred basis. Read More

Tips to Give Your Credit a Boost

Your credit score is reported by each of the three credit bureaus every year. Learn the importance of your credit score and various approaches that may help improve and maintain it in this brief video. Read More

Braving The Bond Market

Bonds are debt instruments sold to investors by corporations or government entities with the obligation of repayment at a future date. This video introduces various types of bonds and explains multiple approaches to bond investing. Read More

The Fox School of Wine

The Fox School of Wine provides its students with fun, educational wine tasting experiences. Discover how Kirsten Fox utilized the Zions Bank Business Resource Center to establish her school and address challenges faced by many new business owners. Read More

University: Types of Debt Securities

Discover different types of debt instruments, including Government securities, Government agencies, municipal bonds, and corporate bonds. This educational video is part of Zions Direct University’s Beginner series. Read More

The 3 C’s of Credit Scores

Your credit score has a profound impact on much of your financial life, examined when applying for a loan or even when being considered by a potential employer. Learn what goes into determining this important number. Read More