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Over $50k Donated in First Year of Zions Direct Charity Auctions

It has been one year since Zions Direct held its first charity auction, and in that time Zions Bank has donated over $50,000 to organizations that provide charitable services around the world. With 32 completed charity auctions, and a new auction opening every two weeks, bidders have the opportunity to purchase an FDIC-insured CD and designate the cause they would like to see Zions Bank support. Read More

Non-Competitive Bids Now Available through Zions Direct Auctions

Zions Direct has added a new feature to its auction platform that could make a big difference for auction participants. Bidders can now elect to place Non-Competitive Bids in auctions for FDIC-insured CDs, or investment securities. Auction participants are able to lock in their desired number of units, let the auction process take its course and still receive the final auction yield—similar to the process used in US Treasury auctions. Read More

Build Your Portfolio and Your Community Through Zions Direct Charity Auctions

When looking for ways to get involved in your community, your brokerage firm might not be the first place you turn. However, by using Zions Direct Charity Auctions you can bolster philanthropic efforts by simply investing. How does it work? Read More

Top 10 Videos of 2012

This past year has been a busy one for us! As we are sure you’ve noticed we have expanded our video catalogue to include over 100 of our own Zions Direct-produced videos ranging from interviews to University videos, to spotlights on local businesses and great charities. Thank you for following our progress on our YouTube and Roku channels. Read More

Surviving Wall Street with the Help of a Game

If you’re holding back from the stock market simply because you don’t know where to begin, here’s a start – Wall Street Survivor. This interactive website allows you to not only experiment with the market on a real-time simulator, but also has learning modules that help you master the basics. Read More