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Margin Loans: An Alternative to Traditional Loans

In contrast to a traditional loan, a margin loan has many different aspects that can benefit its holder. Essentially, a margin loan allows you to borrow money through your brokerage account against securities you already own.

Investors tend to think margin loans are only taken to leverage an investment portfolio to purchase additional securities, but don’t realize this type of loan can be used to fulfill many other financing needs. Some investors may have sizeable wealth, but their money is tied up in less-liquid holdings such as retirement accounts, a home, or business venture. Read More

Can We Count on Social Security?

Social Security scrabble.Got Credit. creative commons 2.0

Social Security can be a sensitive subject. Many are deciding what role it will play in their retirement plan, while others wonder if they will receive any social security at all. Eric Jacobsmeyer is a Senior Wealth Strategist with Zions Trust and is here to help us understand more about social security and what we can expect from it, now and in the future. Eric holds a Certified Financial Planner designation and is also a Certified Public Accountant.
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