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Can US Housing Industry’s Comeback Endure? The Outlook Dims

The U.S. housing market has sizzled this summer, lifting expectations that home sales will finally help drive an economic expansion now in its seventh year.

Or will it?

Signs are emerging that housing’s momentum may be destined to falter in coming months. Analysts note that some of the key foundations needed to sustain a brisk pace of home-buying in the long run appear to be missing. Read More

Strong Dollar Means Cheap Gas, Imports for US, Pain Abroad

As the global economy has weakened, a forcefully stronger U.S. dollar has emerged.

The fallout from the greenback’s appreciation is reverberating around the world. A more valuable dollar translates into cheaper oil and the imports lining U.S. store shelves. That represents both a boon for American consumers and a hardship for major oil producers such as Russia, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia. Read More

US Job Growth Is Rising Solidly, so Why Isn’t Pay?

Where are the pay raises?

Employers in the United States are hiring at a brisk pace. Unemployment has sunk to a nearly healthy rate. Jobs are being filled across a range of industries.

Yet the September jobs report released Friday contained a puzzling fact: Paychecks still aren’t growing. Read More

US retail sales inch up, but holiday spending weak

Americans bought more clothes in December, shopped more frequently online and ate out more often, providing a boost to economic growth at the end of the year. But sales at most traditional stores declined, as the holiday shopping season ended on a lackluster note. Read More